The Shinning - Corridor
Lately, I've been learning 3D, so I decided to do this exercise to test my skills, by recreating the iconic corridor from "The Shinning". Everything could be a little bit more tweeked here and there, but overall, I'm happy with the results! It was very rewarding to be faced with many small challenges and being able to think of a solution to each of them. Almost like a puzzle game, where step-by-step you face challenges and think of creative ways to beat them!

REFERENCE - Original shot from the movie "The Shinning"

The biggest challenge, to my surprise, was get the right lightning and mood on the setting. After the render was completed, on Blender, there were still some tones and hues that looked too "clean" and lacked that VHS green/purple hue (almost like a filter) that we're so used to see in movies from back then. So I moved the final render to Photoshop to do some minor edits and adjust the setting to it's original shot.
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